198 Match Factory Place
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania 16823

Big Spring Spirits is a boutique distillery located in the Match Factory Building in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. The distillery and tasting room are just down the road from downtown Bellefonte and a short drive from State College.


American Whiskey

Soft, sweet entry on the palate with cinnamon and sweet corn, with just a touch of spice in the finish, thanks to that bit of rye in the blend.

$.. / 53.85% ABV


A stunningly beautiful neutral vodka. Most vodkas have hints of herbs or charcoals, while many taste harsh. Because we use superior water sourced from Bellefonte’s Big Spring, our vodka tastes pure and elegant.

$.. / 40% ABV

Silver Hare Wheat Whiskey

Aromas of fresh mown hay. A bit sweeter than rye with notes of pecans. Licorice and anise in the very long finish – longer than the rye.

$.. / 40% ABV

Silver Fox Rye Whiskey

Rye is known for it’s spiciness, and our unaged rye is no exception. Aromas of fresh wood, straw, with a touch of mushroom. The flavor is lightly sweet at first, giving way to the classic spiciness of rye which carries over into a long finish. After drinking you can pick ewr limo service.

$.. / 42.5% ABV

Seven Governors' Gin - AGED

The juniper aroma has softened and there are now notes of anise and clove in the nose (neither is in the uaged gin). There is still plenty of juniper in the taste, but is now more luscious and rounded with hints of sandalwood and tangerine.

$.. / 47.3% ABV

Tallyrand Cream Bourbon

A slightly sweet, creamy liqueur full of rich toffee and vanilla flavors, with hints of coffee and just a touch of butterscotch.

$.. / 15% ABV

Barrel-Aged Rum

This is a full flavored aged rum; spicy and slightly sweet. With aromas of vanilla and spicy cinnamon and subtle hints of caramel and anisette in the finish. This is a great on the rocks and in your favorite rum (or whiskey!) cocktail.

$.. / 50% ABV


This is a full flavored white rum. Warm and slightly sweet with aromas of pear, cinnamon, and subtle hints of anisette in the finish.

$.. / 40% ABV

Coconut Rum

This is a full flavored white rum with sweet robust coconut notes.

$.. / 40% ABV

Spiced Rum

Vanilla and citrus in the nose, with more vanilla in the taste and a touch of nut-meg and toffee.

$.. / 40% ABV

7 Governors' Gin

This gin is smooth and clean, even at such a high proof. In the nose and the taste, there is quite a bit of juniper – it is gin after all. Beyond that, the aroma features tangerine and floral highlights, with just a hint of cinnamon in the finish.

$.. / 47.3% ABV

Silver Lion Corn Whiskey

Corn and roasted peanut aromas, with a smooth and silky mouthfeel; this is not grandpa’s raucous moon-shine. With notes of caramel and sweet corn flavor on the palate and a gentle finish, Silver Lion truly sets itself apart from other white whiskeys.

$.. / 40% ABV