2430 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125

Rowhouse Spirits is a tiny artisan distillery licensed in Pennsylvania as a Limited Distillery. Rowhouse Spirits produces very small batch Gin and other herbal spirits and will be setting aside malt, corn, and rye based spirits in barrels to make whiskey that will be offered at a later date. All products are distilled and bottled on site in our East Kensington distillery.

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Nordic Akvavit

Aquavit is a spirit traditionally enjoyed in Scandinavia. Nordic Akvavit is flavored with caraway, dill, and fennel. Aquavit is traditionally taken straight, however, it does make a tasty Bloody Mary and can be used in many of the same cocktails that normally call for gin.

$.. / 40% ABV


Le Coeur Noir

An herbal coffee liqueur made with locally roasted, cold brewed coffee? Yep, that’s what this is. We use fellow Kensington based, ReAnimator Coffee’s Telemetry Blend. ReAnimated Roasts and grinds the coffee, we infuse and distill and herbal liquor, cold brew the coffee then combine the two. Le Coeur Noir will satisfy even the most black hearted coffee addict.

$.. / ..% ABV


Bear Trap

Bear Trap is an herbal liqueur flavored with 19 distinct herbs and spices. Bear Trap receives its flavor through three separate infusions and is bottled at 64 proof. The flavor and aroma of this liqueur is fairly anise forward with a pleasant herbaceous finish and earthy undertones. Bear Trap, ironically, is best enjoyed straight.

$.. / ..% ABV



This is a full flavored but very smooth drinking Gin whose flavors and aromas start with bright juniper, then shift to the peppery ginger note of cardamon, ending with citrus and cinnamon from chamomile and cassia bark. Other spices and herbs play a supporting role. Rowhouse Spirits Gin receives its flavors through three distinct processes in order to provide a bright, complex and layered taste. Our Gin is bottled at 96 proof in order to give it a slight sweetness to compliment the botanical flavors.

$.. / 48% ABV